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Slate Mantel Clock - £60

A nice decorative slate mantel clock.

Clocks from J&R’s Marketplace

The tic-tok and chiming of a mechanical clock can add a soothing rhythm to your home. Whilst we find clocks that may need a little TLC we are not clockmakers so are not able to offer any guarantee with our clocks and this is reflected in their price.

Unless otherwise stated the clocks have been set up and tested at home over a minimum of 48 hours. The balancing of the clock in it’s final location can be testing and patience is required which means not every clock is set up in the shop (We sell the furniture they sit on!)

Clocks are sensitive items and the balancing can be put out when transported – never transport a clock with the pendulum in place this will almost certainly throw out the balance!

If you have a clock from us and it doesn’t work straight away search on YouTube for balancing a clock and you will see various videos. They make it look easy but each clock is different and some are more challenging than others.

Like cars all clocks benefit from a service so you may want to consider this option at your local clockmaker


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