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Dining tables, kitchen tables, refectory tables and more

Come along and see a collection of old, antique and very desirable tables. The quality of the traditional craftmanship is hard to find in modern designs. 

We always have a selection of tables in the shop but if you are looking for something specific please let us know.

Tables with quality and character

Choosing a dining table is always difficult, with a single factor dominating the choice, that is the size.

This is not a new problem, we can see this clearly in the development and design. Early single board Refectory tables or traditional Farmhouse tables can ooze charm and character but if they are the wrong length they cannot be adjusted.


This is why we saw the introduction of the extendable dining tables. There are two main styles, the leaf extending table which pulls apart and is adjustable in length and the drop leaf tables which offer a practical and versatile solution to space concerns.

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